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Saved by the Pirate

June, 2023

Saved by the Pirate: Sci fi alien Romance: Andy was living a normal life until one night she is abducted by any alien. A space pirate saves her life. After that, she finds out that there are more secrets in the universe than she could have ever imagine.


  • Fated mates

  • Alien abductions

  • Slow burn

  • Political Intrigue

  • Tail stuff

  • Weird Peen



  • Human trafficking (mentioned a few times)

  • Alien abduction x multiple times

  • Forced sterilization (off page but mentioned)

  • Violence

  • Cancer

  • Parental death

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Hitting The Boss

June 2023

Hitting the Boss: Billionaire Romance

Jordan liked to skate right under the radar at work. She went to work, tried to stay out of the drama, and went home. Until one day, she hits a handsome man at the park. As she starts dating him, she finds out that he is her new boss. She fights her feelings for her boss while trying to stay away from all the work drama.


  • Office romance

  • Boss/assistant dynamics

  • Office drama

  • Some power dynamics at play

  • steamy texts

  • Hair pulling

  • ”Were you a good girl?”


  • Sexual Harassment


Don’t Go to Sleep

June, 2023

Don’t Go to Sleep Fantasy Romance-

Princess Dayah lives in a land where she is not allowed to rule. Her family set her up in an arranged marriage. To save her life, she runs away. On her journey she finds out the plot to overthrow the royal line and how she can save the country.


  • Princess/non royal love connection

  • Princess on the run

  • Princess in hiding

  • Magic tries to hurt her when she sleeps

***Will be renamed to Sleeper when it comes to E-book****


  • Assault​

  • Violence

  • Murder

  • Fractured country


Halloween Party in December

June 2023

Jastic Holidays book 1

Halloween Party in December: Paranormal romance:

Roslyn was absolutely sick of Christmas music. When she saw the e-invite for a Halloween party in December, she jumped at the chance to don a costume. As she sits at the bar, a man with impeccable half-dragon costume comes in. After a steamy night together, she runs off the continue her normal life. Except he forgot to tell her she is his mate. Will he find her before the holiday arrives?

Tropes/interesting tidbits:

-Fated mates

-Human x dragon shifter

-Weird Peen

-Holiday centric

-Family drama

-Keeps missing each other

-One night stand

-Intimate scene in an office setting

-growl DOES things

-Intimate scene half shifted


-non-consensual kiss

-violence (fist fight between brothers)

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Dragon in the Shadows

June, 2023

Jastic Holidays Book 2

Dragon in the Shadows: Paranormal Romance-

Something scared Chels in December. Ever since, she has been running from the dragon stalking her. As her friend starts to move on, she takes a chance on a Valentine's speed dating event to show them she was putting her life back together. A grumpy bouncer prevents her from the event. The next day, everything changes.

-Size difference

-Primal scene

-Special Peen


-3 POVs

-3 intimate scenes

-Purchase and discussion of reproductive choices


-attempted kidnapping

-stalking x 3 different beings

-non-consensual vampire bite


Get Clover It

March 17

A human walks into the bar and wakes up mated to a wolf the next morning. What happens next?

-accidental mating

-I would call this cozy. No real "intense drama". Just them figuring out what they are doing now


Dodgy consent (when drunk)

Dodgy mating bite (when drunk)

Gydacharm Kindle Vella.jpg

Catfished by the Pirate

May, 2023

Chloe and Ricon meet. Chloe doesn't know he's an alien. He's starting to release his pheromones and Chloe is the reason why


Bad Bunny

April 2023

Two chosen mates are trying to start a family. One of them encounters her fated mate. The other has a plan to have a baby that is "fool proof." Everyone is lying or not telling the full truth till it blows up in their face.


  • Chosen Mates

  • Fated Mates

  • "Why won't they talk to each other?"

  • Running from fate

  • FFM

  • Dragon shifter x human x bunny shifter


  • Polyamory? 

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Between Two Vamps

June, 2023

He saw his mate a few weeks ago but he can't find her again. Pierre wasn't looking for a mate. He was happy with Val.

Bess was helping a co-worker when she finds herself stuck between two vampires who say she's their mate.

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Symbiote and Me

April 2023

Abduction. Saved.

A former human forced with a symbiote. 

Sed'Tek saw the pretty human on the screen and knew he needed to save her. The only way to calm her down is to give control to the human soul within him. That human is hasn't touched another woman in hundreds of years. He craves her touch and she loves exploring his new features


-fancy peen

-pre-cum aphrodisiac

-ejaculate causes mini heat when consumed

body horror

space cops/APS for humans

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