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this is where you can check out my ebooks when they come out

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Accidental Magic

Accidental Magic: E-Book

FREE ON KU/ $0.99 E-book

Lilly is unlucky in love. One night she sees a spam love spell (at least it wasn't a crypto spam, right?) and says the words. A knocking on the door reveals a half-naked man! Will they break the spell? Will they want to?

Find out today! One hour read.

TW: a little bit of internalized fat phobia

Work: Work
Magic & Contrast - S.R_edited.png

Magic and Contrast

Internet Magic Series

Free on KU/$2.99 e-book

I said a spell out loud off an old website. Now there is a man pressing against my body. He says he's my mate but what does it mean to be a vampire's mate?

  • magic gone awry

  • vampire x human

  • One hour read

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