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Saved by the Pirate

June, 2023

Saved by the Pirate: Sci fi alien Romance: Andy was living a normal life until one night she is abducted by any alien. A space pirate saves her life. After that, she finds out that there are more secrets in the universe than she could have ever imagine.


  • Fated mates

  • Alien abductions

  • Slow burn

  • Political Intrigue

  • Tail stuff

  • Weird Peen



  • Human trafficking (mentioned a few times)

  • Alien abduction x multiple times

  • Forced sterilization (off page but mentioned)

  • Violence

  • Cancer

  • Parental death

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Saved by the Pirate: Work
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Saved by the Alien Pirate


Yesterday I was a normal woman on Earth, today I’m the daughter of the most known human in the universe.


I’m pretty sure I was kidnapped by accident. That’s what the alien said, but he found something more exciting in my DNA scan. He’s going to sell me to the highest bidder until his ship is overrun by space pirates. My life is saved--for now—by a handsome green alien. I’m instantly drawn to him—or it’s the trauma and depression. Things are starting to unravel, there’s a bounty on my head, and I don’t believe space is the best place for me.


I've avoided Imperium politics for years as a space pirate. Then one day, my ship course-corrects toward a known slaver ship, and on board, I find something that will change my life. Nobody knows anything about their human captive, but the amount of credits speaks volumes. And for some reason, I can't keep my tail to myself after bringing her aboard my own ship.

And then, I take her to dinner with an influential contact of mine, and all hell breaks loose.

Protecting her is my life's goal now, and I can't do that in open space. But taking her to my homeworld means accepting the mating bond between us, something I'm not sure either of us is ready for.

If they capture us, she'll die on screens across the galaxy, innocent or not. And my heart will die with her.

Saved by the Pirate: Welcome
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